Okay, so it’s late afternoon, the sun is slowly but surely becoming smaller, and the weather is a cosy comfy temperature. Just right! You feel like something sweet so you walk on over to the kitchen…and for a split second you’re faced with a dilemma. Either satisfy your craving and give in to that moist chocolate cake, dripping with velvety icing? Or your conscience, and reach for the shiny green apple. Uggh, what to do?
Well I’ve found myself in this scenario way too many times to know that it doesn’t matter if you’re on this “organic” band wagon or not, we all have a little piece inside of us that wants to make the ‘better’ decision. But it is just too darn hard. The scenario usually results in our attempt to justify our decisions, to ourselves.
‘That was the last time Jessica, I promise. As soon as the cake is finished, I’ll start eating healthier. I mean, someone needs to finish the cake, otherwise we’re wasting, hello!? I’m actually a really good person, it was the right thing to do!’
Just like that, and our guilty conscience is resolved.

If you had to walk into my kitchen today, you would be faced with the exact same dilemma. Chocolate cake, or an apple. Confused? What is someone who endorses a healthier lifestyle doing with chocolate cake in their kitchen?
Well, I’m so glad you asked, because it brings us to the first point I want to share with you.

1.Eating healthy does not mean eating “bird food”. Or “rabbit food”!
It does however mean that we need to be more conscious of what we choose to fuel our bodies with. The chocolate cake I have in my kitchen contains no processed sugars, no preservatives and no colourants. And it tastes goooooood, without the guilty feeling that usually follows. Knowledge is key. Take the time to find out how to adapt your recipes so they’re healthier but still good. Google and Pinterest offer a wide array of alternative recipes for better living with the same treats we love. Alternatively, watch this space for my favourite recipes.

2.Say no, and know why!
Like I said before, take the time to read up on foods, especially the ones you’re eating regularly. Knowledge is KEY! I struggle when people tell me what to do, so please don’t read this in that light. I want you to understand the dangers lurking in our foods today, and then make you’re own decisions to cut them out for good. Trust me, once you scratch the surface of what really goes on in our convenient food industry, it won’t take any convincing. Check out my resources page for more info.

3.Understand the responsibility.
This ones for the ladies. As women we tend to set the atmosphere in the kitchen. If it’s pumped with processed sugars or preservatives, then that’s the trend we’re setting. Our families will generally follow this and think it okay to live on fast foods. We have a greater responsibility ladies. Choose to give your family the right building blocks for their bodies to grow and become better and stronger. Eating not only affects your weight, but it encompasses all of you, mind, brain, body, emotions, etc.

4.Stick it out, and let them laugh.
After making the decision to live better, I experienced a lot of mockery and opinions. Look past this and stick it out. You’re body is you’re responsibility, you can’t look to anyone else to blame when you have the final say of what goes in. Usually, it’s people’s guilt speaking when they mock you, or their lack of self-discipline to also live the way you’ve chosen. You keep going and be an inspiration and example to them rather than letting them get to you.

5.One step at a time.
Living better can be an overwhelming door to peak into, but don’t be afraid to open it and step inside. Just remember, everyone started somewhere. My start was by accident (or was it?) but I started , and it was only the sugar in my tea and coffee that I cut out. Today, I’m a bit further along the path but I made small changes to get here. Throwing out everything in your kitchen will cost you, time and money. Start filtering in better products or different ones once you’ve used up what you currently have. 

I can keep going for days on this post. My mind is overloaded with tips and tricks I would love to share with you, but for now, take these ones for a spin and I’ll keep you posted. 

Go green!