In a world where Pinterest and Instagram are alive and online 24/7 in every home, it can be hard to stay true to yourself. Especially when it comes to style. There is so many avenues of inspiration and they’re easily accessible, which isn’t always the best.
I only recently decided that JESS|GREEN was going to be a blog, the original intention was an online store, but while waiting on my doodles to come to life, I wanted to get going with this platform. Designing it was fun at first, I drew inspiration from absolutely everywhere, trying to be as ‘me’ as I could. But a few months in, it became hard to stick to ‘me’ and my style. The more I Googled, “best blogs”, the more confused I was. This famous blogger had a side bar, this well known stylist didn’t, South Africa bloggers were all about colour and then the Australians are monotone. Confused!!
But then I started trying something that, again, was not ‘me’. I tried to be as different as possible. I decided that if it was already done, I wasn’t going to do it. HA HA! You know the feeling of trying to fit a square into circle and it just won’t budge? That was me.

I finally came to my senses, stopped comparing my online profile to the rest of the world’s, and decided that the only Jessica Combrinck there can be, is me! Allowing myself to organically get to this point was tough, yes, but here I am.
Of course, we will continue to draw inspiration, and yes, there are a million people who love black, white and grey at the moment, but if you are one of them, embrace it. Don’t copy and paste your style from Pinterest, instead, get to know yourself better! Know what you like in black and what you like in white, what you can’t stand in grey and how minimal or rose gold or blush you want to be! Let yourself grow, organically!