Eek, the struggle is real. I have been shopping for a (preferably local) jacket for the past three weeks, which doesn’t sound awfully long, but when your wardrobe is in desperate need of one and it’s kind of chilly outside, then three weeks is forever! Nevertheless, I am still looking. But while on this jacket hunt of mine, I realised that even though I know exactly what I’m looking for, I have no clue what I want! Please say this makes sense to someone out there? I blame this problem on the heaps and heaps of choices we have when walking into clothing stores, as well as Pinterest, erg. Who would’ve thought so much inspiration could lead to so much confusion. Bleh. Regardless, I could spend hours scrolling down their home page. (Insert in love face.)

But seriously though, don’t you feel like the more options you have in front of you, the harder it is to make a decision. It’s like there’s an undiagnosed ‘the-grass-could-be-greener-on-the-other-side’ illness that I’ve been hit with, because mercy me, I could possibly be sitting without a jacket this winter. H E L P !

These days, it’s hard buying clothes we absolutely love don’t you think? Let me give you a scenario: there are five black blazers, that look almost identical but they’re not, this one is shorter, that one has a different zip or button. So which one do you choose? The one you absolutely love? The cheapest one, which usually ends up being the one lacking quality. The best fit? What if that’s three of them? This dilemma usually leaves me paralysed to make a decision and I walk away with nothing afraid that if I bought at least one of them, I would go home thinking about the other options and regret my decision.  This is literally the space I find myself in often.
BUT, there is hope at the end of this fashion dilemma tunnel. Be content! That’s what keeps speaking to me. Jessica, choose the one you notice first, the one that caught you’re eye when you walked in, the one you won’t stop thinking about when you go home. And once you’ve bought it, BE CONTENT! (And stop looking.) Sounds like boyfriend advice. That’s for free. 😉

Happy deciding, Jessica.

S U C C E S S ! So I was eyeing a 100% cotton denim jacket essential, and as described above, contemplated (procrastinated) getting it. I saved it to a wishlist and as soon as I was ready to slam the purchase it went on sale and was no longer available online. Of course no store close to me had my size in stock, bleh. Last week my husband and I ended up in Cape Town for an appointment and decided to try Canal Walk, and mercy me, behind a few jackets, right at the back, hung the last denim jacket, size 8, with MY name ALL over it!
It pays to wait, and be sure of your next purchase. I was not hesitant at all buying this garment. As sure as sure can be and I love it.

W I N ! W I N ! W I N ! 
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