Bee’s play an important role in mother natures system but who could ever have thought that they’d be helping us out this much.
Introducing BuzzyWraps™! An alternative way of wrapping, preserving and covering your fresh foods. The innovative minds at Buzzy Wraps birthed this idea when they decided to reduce waste in homes, replacing plastic wrap, ziplock bags as well as plastic containers with this naturally derived alternative. 

As demonstrated above, Buzzy Wraps can easily be incorporated into our everyday use. I can testify to its ability to keep my homemade bread fresher for waaaaaaaaaaay longer than any other alternative packaging. Now we’re saving on waste both ways, I love that! Using a naturally derived packaging also reduces the toxins that plastic packaging carries over to our food. #winning. We had the opportunity to chat to Robyn McLean about this innovative alternative. Here’s what she shared:

Who is the genius behind Buzzy Wraps and how did it start? 
It’s thanks to Jill that we have BuzzyWraps! She spent ages playing around with recipes and fabrics until she found one that worked best – wasn’t too sticky or too hard – and that used sustainable ingredients. Her business partner, Darren (Robyn’s husband), has focused on creating the brand, the marketing, and distribution.
What is the actual wrap made of?
Our wax wraps are carefully handmade using 100% cotton infused with South African beeswax, jojoba oil, and natural food grade tree resin.
Why natural?
It was this, a general desire to reduce waste in our family homes and impact on the environment that gave birth to Buzzy Wraps. Using plastic containers, or throw-away bags, cling film, zip lock bags and the like to store fresh, wholesome, natural fruit and vegetables from our garden or the local market fresh didn’t feel right at all. Wax wraps are perfect and do a much better job, last for ages, and are biodegradable.
What can it be used for in an everyday household?
Our wax wraps completely replace cling film! It’s great to wrap cheese, a loaf of bread, fruits, veggies, and it can be stored in and out of the fridge. Use it to cover a bowl of leftovers or pack a lunchbox (in fact, they can be used instead of lunch boxes). They help keep foods fresher for longer and are easily washed in cold or warm water with any mild soap (nothing acidic like lemon juice or vinegar as this can eat away at the wax coating).
Where can we find Buzzy Wraps?
It’s easiest to buy them online at or at
They’re also available at selected shops around the country, so please contact us on if you’d like to find out about a supplier in your area.

And, that’s not all. Robyn says they have plans to further the extent of natural packaging in the kitchen in the future. We are definitely looking forward to seeing what they come up with.
I was gifted a few wraps to test them out and can I just say, amazing! I love my wraps and I use them instead of cling film. Although they will biodegrade sometime in the future, I have no problem replacing them because using cling film and throw away plastic only leaves 
toxins in my food as well as unnecessary non-biodegradable waste on landfill! I am pro Buzzy Wraps, as should we all be!

To contact Robyn and the team at Buzzy Wraps, click here. You can also find some more great information on their website.