Five Goals I Want To Achieve.

Five Goals I Want To Achieve.

De Hoop Nature Reserve, 2018.

So…2018 is upon us. Hectic, who could’ve imagined it? This time last year, I was skiing in Livigno, Italy on my honeymoon, eating everything a carb could ever dream of becoming in the hands of sweaty men shouting at each other in Italian family-owned kitchens. Hmmm.
This year, I am back at my desk making promises to my future self about goals I WILL accomplish. (Because they will be super simple and easily achievable. Aha, smart!)

Here goes…

1. Decide on a blog layout…and then stick to it!

Probably one of the disadvantages of loving change is that you want it all the time. Being decisive this year will allow me to trust my gut, the first time and be content with what I decide. 

2. Champion breakfast!

If you’ve ever been over for dinner at our place, you’ll know I absolutely love being in the kitchen and making food. But somehow I skipped the breakfast class (I’ll blame it on my love for sleep…). I simply lack creativity when it comes to the most important meal of the day. Nevertheless, being married challenges you on a whole bunch of levels and lucky for me, my husband loves breakfast. So I’ll get some help and smash those avo toasties in the face. Mine, most probably. 

3. Read more. A lot more!

Over our December holiday, a friend of mine recommended a book she’d read and thought I would enjoy reading it too. Baring in mind this friend of mine is a doctor and probably has no trouble racing through a 910-page book in a week, but enthusiastically, I accepted and I am proud to say I’ve reached page 282. It only took me 3weeks. High five me!
Have a squizz through my journal for some great reading material. 

4. Stress less.

Oh, this one we’ve all heard a trillion times. “Stress isn’t good for you!” So goes the broken record, however, it is the truth. The solid, undoubted truth. So, working towards a well-balanced lifestyle where work is work and quality time with my husband and dog is not! This is the ultimate goal. 

5. Excercise like you love it!

My husband and I went kayaking over the December holidays in the Stormsriver, (highly recommended) and there was a mommy who joined our group. She had three young children and a husband tagging along, but she looked like she could run up and down Table Mountain without a pain. I decided then and there, “Right Jessica, If she has three kids and finds the time to exercise (and looks like a swimsuit model because of it) then you have absolutely no excuse.” The closest thing to child-responsibility and commitment I have is my 5month old Golden Retriever, who is happy to run and swim with me. Eeek. Lazybones! Kayla Itsines, here I come.

My husband ALWAYS says, “Everything you decide to do or not do is a choice!” and I say it will stay a choice until I decide to do it. Wise words, he’s so smart.

Rivka, Strand Beach, 2017.

Juan, my handsome bestie, De Hoop Nature Reserve, 2018.

Share your goals with us, we’d love to hear them.
Jessica. x

Black Friday Reflection

Black Friday Reflection

Black Friday. Where does this day of craze and rock bottom price tags come from?
The first claim is dated way back to the 1960’s when Philadelphia police officers dubbed the day after Thanksgiving “Black Friday” because of the chaos in the streets. People from all over were coming to kick off their Christmas shopping and take advantage of the good deals. Some also say that it has to do with retail stores turning a massive profit on this day, going from being in the “red” to being in the “black”. (Learn more about Black Friday here.)
Either way, South Africans have adopted this day of the year, giving the silly season a proper welcome.

If you follow me or know anything about me, you’ll have come to find that I am not the biggest fan of excess, fast fashion or clever marketing tactics. I was not hyped or phased by Black Friday at all, in fact, I avoided the Somerset Mall as best I could. Did my husband and I take part (and advantage) of the great deals available? Well yes, we did. But if I could explain the difference between the way we did it and the feeling I get when I see people pushing and screaming, huffing and puffing until Game’s doors came cracking down. 

I have decided to group the different types of consumers I have watched on phone recorded videos and news feeds to make more sense of this insane day. Bare with me…my findings are as follows.

1. Along for the ride.
These are the people who have fallen for the clever marketing and sales strategy behind this day. They get hyped up and join the crowd as people start to gather before midnight to get their hands on any deal really. They are the ones who don’t plan on buying anything, they just want to check out the fuss but then walk out with deals they just could not resist. In my research I found many people confessing that if it were any other day of the year, they wouldn’t dream of buying what they bought, they wouldn’t be prepared to save for it. Essentially, Black Friday was the reason for their exploding shopping trolleys. Buying things they don’t need, with money they don’t have, as seen below.

2. The planners.
This is me and my husband. We knew exactly what we needed, and been needing for a long time. We needed a casserole pot as well as coffee mugs. Because I am all about quality over quantity, I urged my husband that we wait until we have enough money to buy a quality pot that could last generations as well as mugs that wouldn’t chip and crack after a few months causing us to spend money again. He decided that “Black Friday” was a good way of getting what we needed and getting some discount on it. So he surprised me with these items and it also doubled as an early birthday present. We didn’t fall for any marketing schemes that drew us closer, instead went right for what we needed and didn’t buy excess while doing so.

3. The actual customer.
This person is someone who has little money, a big family to feed and support and has to make it happen somehow. They are the ones that will elbow you out of the way for a jumbo pack of diapers because they know that the little person at home is counting on them. These people are the ones who I feel buy smart because they know what they have, don’t have and desperately need. Why then not save up a little for Black Friday, save some well earned money on essential items and have a joy-filled holiday season?


My conclusion…We need to be sure what in this world is leading our happiness. Are we feeling content after a massive shop where we get to bring trillions of things home that we don’t need but found absolute pleasure in buying them on a great deal? Or do you also feel that sense of, “Shucks, I went overboard and allowed my eyes to feast, and my “wants” to lead me to debt and excess!”
Don’t let consumerism become your trademark. Choose well and buy less, you’re life will feel lighter and you’ll have more space for the important things.

Happy planning, Jessica. x

Photo content by Local Truth Photography


Dr.Baumann – Bionome Beauty

Dr.Baumann – Bionome Beauty

{ Bionomy } The branch of Science concerned with the laws of life.
“These laws are the qualitative basis for the development of all DR. BAUMANN COSMETIC products. This means that on the one hand the skin’s metabolism and structure is taken into account, and on the other hand aspects of our environment are considered.”
Say what? Who wouldn’t want a product that takes those two valuable aspects into consideration when creating beauty care?.
If you thought ‘natural’ skin care only looked like essential oils and shea butter whipped together in a pretty container, think again. This beauty care range is on a whole ‘notha level!

When two Doctors joined forces in 1988, realizing the lack of ‘nature’ in our skin care products they obviously came up with something revolutionary. When Dr. med. Ernest W. Henrich and Dr. rer nat. Thomas Baumann joined heads and created beauty care that would blow the world away, they’re focus was one thing, natural and effective skin. For me, the difference is that behind Dr.Baumann is a scientific research team who has worked with nature and science to create something that is needed for our skin care products today. It is not a mixture of a few natural ingredients, it is, however, extensive research into what our skin is made of and how we can find similarities in nature, harness them and use them to repair our damaged skin. 

My absolute favorite bit of information to share with friends are these which makes the world of difference when you’re trying to look for a product that’s more than just a product:
Long-lasting without the use of preservatives
Free from mineral oils
Free from animal ingredients and testing
Free from unnecessary packaging (environmentally friendly)
Free from perfume and fragrances
With skin-friendly vitamins
With pure natural plant oils
With skin-endemic active ingredients
With highly efficient multilamellar liposomes
With high-quality plant-based substances
Say what?! Insane! Now I know there are a few words there that we don’t necessarily use in our everyday vocabulary so let me help you out real quick. 

Skin-Endemic – A harmony between the ingredients and the physiology and anatomy of the skin. This is achieved when as many ingredients as possible are endemic to the skin and body, meaning the substances occur naturally in the skin.
Multilamellar Liposomes – Ingenious, skin identical, transporters, to transport moisture and active ingredients, be it essential vitamins or fatty acids, to the layer of the skin, where it is needed.  In fact, it is structured to travel right to the dermis, where new skin is formed.

The lady bringing this world changing technology to the Western Cape is none other than Aimee Sinclair, who is currently the only person using Dr.Baumann, BOOK HER!  She recently found this gem of a product and took a few weeks to explore the possibility of bringing it to this region from upstate. She now runs a salon in Rondebosch called Beloved Beauty where all her treatments are done using the Dr.Baumann products. She has gone through extensive training getting to know the different ranges, and after visiting her salon myself, I can definitely recommend her if you’re looking for a more serious natural product with an extensive range of beauty care and science to back it.
For more information on their range of products, click here. You will be blown away!

Aimee Sinclair
+27 71 488 5404


W I N ! W I N ! W I N ! 
Along with Aimee and her Beloved Beauty salon, we are giving away AMAZING products to the value of R650!
Go check out our Instagram page for more information.
Black And White

Black And White

In a world where Pinterest and Instagram are alive and online 24/7 in every home, it can be hard to stay true to yourself. Especially when it comes to style. There is so many avenues of inspiration and they’re easily accessible, which isn’t always the best.
I only recently decided that JESS|GREEN was going to be a blog, the original intention was an online store, but while waiting on my doodles to come to life, I wanted to get going with this platform. Designing it was fun at first, I drew inspiration from absolutely everywhere, trying to be as ‘me’ as I could. But a few months in, it became hard to stick to ‘me’ and my style. The more I Googled, “best blogs”, the more confused I was. This famous blogger had a side bar, this well known stylist didn’t, South Africa bloggers were all about colour and then the Australians are monotone. Confused!!
But then I started trying something that, again, was not ‘me’. I tried to be as different as possible. I decided that if it was already done, I wasn’t going to do it. HA HA! You know the feeling of trying to fit a square into circle and it just won’t budge? That was me.

I finally came to my senses, stopped comparing my online profile to the rest of the world’s, and decided that the only Jessica Combrinck there can be, is me! Allowing myself to organically get to this point was tough, yes, but here I am.
Of course, we will continue to draw inspiration, and yes, there are a million people who love black, white and grey at the moment, but if you are one of them, embrace it. Don’t copy and paste your style from Pinterest, instead, get to know yourself better! Know what you like in black and what you like in white, what you can’t stand in grey and how minimal or rose gold or blush you want to be! Let yourself grow, organically!

Ethereal Bound Journal – Visual Storytelling

Ethereal Bound Journal – Visual Storytelling

[e t h e r e a l] extremely delicate and light in a way that seems not to be of this world.


What a beautiful word, and although Matanna Katz and Liese Kuhn, founders of Ethereal Bound Journal , share similar qualities of ethereality, I can add with confidence, that they are also two energetic, lively individuals, very much of this world who had me up at 7am on a Monday morning for a catch up in the bustling heart of Cape Town.
Meeting with them and listening to their stories and adventures of how Ethereal Bound Journal came to be was an early Monday morning well spent. I think, in fact I know, I walked away inspired and refreshed, motivated to take on a new week. These two inspiring creatives can’t help but spread their ethos of community wherever they go, and definitely splashed a bit my way.

One of the things I love about their amazing business is that it started organically, unplanned and in season. Matanna, having studied Art Direction and Graphic Design, worked on the Espresso show on SABC as well as their sister show, Top Billing, passionate about creating. Liese, an aspiring actress who studied a Bachelor of Arts degree and got a Cum Laude in Live Performance at AFDA, fell in love with visual story telling, met up with Matanna for a possible unrelated project, and they immediately clicked. Their talents meshed together forming something…ethereal. Their compatibility was evident as soon as I heard them casually call each other by their nicknames during our conversation, I won’t say what they are, you’ll have to meet them and ask them yourselves.

Both of them standing behind the camera with Ethereal Bound Journal, they keep it as natural as possible and that is what caught my attention. Their desire to endorse a slower life in their industry is contagious, as I’ve mentioned you can’t help but be inspired after a juice with these two. They consciously plan shoot days so that they can use as much natural light as possible and take as much time needed to give their clients the most beautiful organic shots. With no studio or lighting, they use what nature has blessed us with and simply, make it work.
With a slow living mentality, these ladies are making sure that the bustle of the mother city is not getting them in a spin. Besides drawing inspiration from other creatives, their biggest contributor is nature itself. Depending on what they’re working on, they look at raw textures and the simplicity of the natural fauna and flora around them, something the majority of us look past on a daily basis.

These two city girls, although nestled in the heart of chaos, have chosen to take it slow, one organically inspired story at a time. We are so excited to see what they come up with next. If you’re looking for authentic content or unique story telling, these are the ladies you need to speak to.

Happy snapping, Jessica.

Matanna Katz | Liese Kuhn
Social Media Content Creators |

Ethereal Bound Journal is a collaborative venture of two creative souls;

Matanna Katz and Liese Kuhn, in the pursuit of visual storytelling in savouring life’s unadorned pleasures.

We specialise in creating ethereal, high quality digital content for a variety of businesses and brand’s social media platforms.

Our services provide art direction, photography, food/prop/floral styling, video content, cinematography, graphic design and creative consultancy.

We reside primarily in Cape Town, South Africa, but we are open to traveling locally and internationally on selected projects.

We are currently developing a stone tableware range and a variety of slow living inspired curated authentic South African nature and photographic workshops for 2017.

From the founders.

OH Simply Granola!

OH Simply Granola!

“for the bon vivant at heart!”

{ n i c o l a  k o k } founder and creator of all things Simply Granola and the nicest little lady you’ll meet in the Helderberg basin. Sitting opposite her on a beautiful Thursday morning in Somerset West, I was able to hear her story and how this childhood staple became a storm that overtook her kitchen overnight. Not only handy in the kitchen, Nicola also juggles a full-time job at The Pretty Blog, and on top of that, a wifey to her husband Dries. The granola magic often happens after hours and on weekends but driven by excellence, this go-getter never compromises on the best quality possible. Growing up, Nicola tells of how her mother made delicious granola for breakfast and how she has adopted this habit and started making granola for her husband, adapting the recipe slightly for a healthier result. Now a one man show, she conquers many breakfast tables outside of her own. Enjoying her handy-work one morning, curiosity from her colleagues at work soon turned into orders which sparked an ember and ‘Simply Granola’ started making it’s mark. It was mid 2016 where Nicola had the opportunity to meet and work with local creative Marize Albertyn from ‘She Is Visual’ who kindly undertook the development and design of ‘Simply Granola’ as we know it today. Learning from the process she says, “It was like 600 lessons rolled into one very short space.” Completely preservative and additive free, Nicola has turned her breakfast option into one of the healthier and better choices for a balanced lifestyle. Instead of sugar, she uses raw honey and sources most of her ingredients locally. Woohoo, we love that! Nicola’s will and perseverance to carry on and make her after hours venture a success inspires me and i’m sure it has the same effect on you. I can’t wait to see what flavours she comes up with next.

1493846220281She now sells her beautifully packaged granola online as well as in stores such as ‘All Things Good Café’ in Stellenbosch. Upon ordering her ‘Classic’ batch she very kindly personally delivered to me not only my order but also a 250g ‘Oh My Cocoa’ packet too! Needless to say, I managed to get about one serving from that packet and the rest my husband can explain. Definitely our absolute fav, but if chocolate is not your thing in the morning (there is something not right if that’s the case!! kidding!), she also has an option called the ‘Peanut Butter Lover’ for those of us bon vivant at heart! Clean, streamlined, and easy to navigate, her website serves to be a doorway to breakfast happiness! Do yourself a favor and place an order for the freshest granola around town.

Happy eating, Jessica.

Photographs by Basque Imagery

Nicola Kok

W I N ! W I N ! W I N ! 
I bet your mouth is watering! For your chance to taste all three flavours of Simply Granola, go check out our Instagram post regarding this give away. You could be crunching away this time next week, the winner get’s three 250g bags with all the flavours!