Buzzy Wraps

Buzzy Wraps

Bee’s play an important role in mother natures system but who could ever have thought that they’d be helping us out this much.
Introducing BuzzyWraps™! An alternative way of wrapping, preserving and covering your fresh foods. The innovative minds at Buzzy Wraps birthed this idea when they decided to reduce waste in homes, replacing plastic wrap, ziplock bags as well as plastic containers with this naturally derived alternative. 

As demonstrated above, Buzzy Wraps can easily be incorporated into our everyday use. I can testify to its ability to keep my homemade bread fresher for waaaaaaaaaaay longer than any other alternative packaging. Now we’re saving on waste both ways, I love that! Using a naturally derived packaging also reduces the toxins that plastic packaging carries over to our food. #winning. We had the opportunity to chat to Robyn McLean about this innovative alternative. Here’s what she shared:

Who is the genius behind Buzzy Wraps and how did it start? 
It’s thanks to Jill that we have BuzzyWraps! She spent ages playing around with recipes and fabrics until she found one that worked best – wasn’t too sticky or too hard – and that used sustainable ingredients. Her business partner, Darren (Robyn’s husband), has focused on creating the brand, the marketing, and distribution.
What is the actual wrap made of?
Our wax wraps are carefully handmade using 100% cotton infused with South African beeswax, jojoba oil, and natural food grade tree resin.
Why natural?
It was this, a general desire to reduce waste in our family homes and impact on the environment that gave birth to Buzzy Wraps. Using plastic containers, or throw-away bags, cling film, zip lock bags and the like to store fresh, wholesome, natural fruit and vegetables from our garden or the local market fresh didn’t feel right at all. Wax wraps are perfect and do a much better job, last for ages, and are biodegradable.
What can it be used for in an everyday household?
Our wax wraps completely replace cling film! It’s great to wrap cheese, a loaf of bread, fruits, veggies, and it can be stored in and out of the fridge. Use it to cover a bowl of leftovers or pack a lunchbox (in fact, they can be used instead of lunch boxes). They help keep foods fresher for longer and are easily washed in cold or warm water with any mild soap (nothing acidic like lemon juice or vinegar as this can eat away at the wax coating).
Where can we find Buzzy Wraps?
It’s easiest to buy them online at or at
They’re also available at selected shops around the country, so please contact us on if you’d like to find out about a supplier in your area.

And, that’s not all. Robyn says they have plans to further the extent of natural packaging in the kitchen in the future. We are definitely looking forward to seeing what they come up with.
I was gifted a few wraps to test them out and can I just say, amazing! I love my wraps and I use them instead of cling film. Although they will biodegrade sometime in the future, I have no problem replacing them because using cling film and throw away plastic only leaves 
toxins in my food as well as unnecessary non-biodegradable waste on landfill! I am pro Buzzy Wraps, as should we all be!

To contact Robyn and the team at Buzzy Wraps, click here. You can also find some more great information on their website.

Ethereal Bound Journal – Visual Storytelling

Ethereal Bound Journal – Visual Storytelling

[e t h e r e a l] extremely delicate and light in a way that seems not to be of this world.


What a beautiful word, and although Matanna Katz and Liese Kuhn, founders of Ethereal Bound Journal , share similar qualities of ethereality, I can add with confidence, that they are also two energetic, lively individuals, very much of this world who had me up at 7am on a Monday morning for a catch up in the bustling heart of Cape Town.
Meeting with them and listening to their stories and adventures of how Ethereal Bound Journal came to be was an early Monday morning well spent. I think, in fact I know, I walked away inspired and refreshed, motivated to take on a new week. These two inspiring creatives can’t help but spread their ethos of community wherever they go, and definitely splashed a bit my way.

One of the things I love about their amazing business is that it started organically, unplanned and in season. Matanna, having studied Art Direction and Graphic Design, worked on the Espresso show on SABC as well as their sister show, Top Billing, passionate about creating. Liese, an aspiring actress who studied a Bachelor of Arts degree and got a Cum Laude in Live Performance at AFDA, fell in love with visual story telling, met up with Matanna for a possible unrelated project, and they immediately clicked. Their talents meshed together forming something…ethereal. Their compatibility was evident as soon as I heard them casually call each other by their nicknames during our conversation, I won’t say what they are, you’ll have to meet them and ask them yourselves.

Both of them standing behind the camera with Ethereal Bound Journal, they keep it as natural as possible and that is what caught my attention. Their desire to endorse a slower life in their industry is contagious, as I’ve mentioned you can’t help but be inspired after a juice with these two. They consciously plan shoot days so that they can use as much natural light as possible and take as much time needed to give their clients the most beautiful organic shots. With no studio or lighting, they use what nature has blessed us with and simply, make it work.
With a slow living mentality, these ladies are making sure that the bustle of the mother city is not getting them in a spin. Besides drawing inspiration from other creatives, their biggest contributor is nature itself. Depending on what they’re working on, they look at raw textures and the simplicity of the natural fauna and flora around them, something the majority of us look past on a daily basis.

These two city girls, although nestled in the heart of chaos, have chosen to take it slow, one organically inspired story at a time. We are so excited to see what they come up with next. If you’re looking for authentic content or unique story telling, these are the ladies you need to speak to.

Happy snapping, Jessica.

Matanna Katz | Liese Kuhn
Social Media Content Creators |

Ethereal Bound Journal is a collaborative venture of two creative souls;

Matanna Katz and Liese Kuhn, in the pursuit of visual storytelling in savouring life’s unadorned pleasures.

We specialise in creating ethereal, high quality digital content for a variety of businesses and brand’s social media platforms.

Our services provide art direction, photography, food/prop/floral styling, video content, cinematography, graphic design and creative consultancy.

We reside primarily in Cape Town, South Africa, but we are open to traveling locally and internationally on selected projects.

We are currently developing a stone tableware range and a variety of slow living inspired curated authentic South African nature and photographic workshops for 2017.

From the founders.

OH Simply Granola!

OH Simply Granola!

“for the bon vivant at heart!”

{ n i c o l a  k o k } founder and creator of all things Simply Granola and the nicest little lady you’ll meet in the Helderberg basin. Sitting opposite her on a beautiful Thursday morning in Somerset West, I was able to hear her story and how this childhood staple became a storm that overtook her kitchen overnight. Not only handy in the kitchen, Nicola also juggles a full-time job at The Pretty Blog, and on top of that, a wifey to her husband Dries. The granola magic often happens after hours and on weekends but driven by excellence, this go-getter never compromises on the best quality possible. Growing up, Nicola tells of how her mother made delicious granola for breakfast and how she has adopted this habit and started making granola for her husband, adapting the recipe slightly for a healthier result. Now a one man show, she conquers many breakfast tables outside of her own. Enjoying her handy-work one morning, curiosity from her colleagues at work soon turned into orders which sparked an ember and ‘Simply Granola’ started making it’s mark. It was mid 2016 where Nicola had the opportunity to meet and work with local creative Marize Albertyn from ‘She Is Visual’ who kindly undertook the development and design of ‘Simply Granola’ as we know it today. Learning from the process she says, “It was like 600 lessons rolled into one very short space.” Completely preservative and additive free, Nicola has turned her breakfast option into one of the healthier and better choices for a balanced lifestyle. Instead of sugar, she uses raw honey and sources most of her ingredients locally. Woohoo, we love that! Nicola’s will and perseverance to carry on and make her after hours venture a success inspires me and i’m sure it has the same effect on you. I can’t wait to see what flavours she comes up with next.

1493846220281She now sells her beautifully packaged granola online as well as in stores such as ‘All Things Good Café’ in Stellenbosch. Upon ordering her ‘Classic’ batch she very kindly personally delivered to me not only my order but also a 250g ‘Oh My Cocoa’ packet too! Needless to say, I managed to get about one serving from that packet and the rest my husband can explain. Definitely our absolute fav, but if chocolate is not your thing in the morning (there is something not right if that’s the case!! kidding!), she also has an option called the ‘Peanut Butter Lover’ for those of us bon vivant at heart! Clean, streamlined, and easy to navigate, her website serves to be a doorway to breakfast happiness! Do yourself a favor and place an order for the freshest granola around town.

Happy eating, Jessica.

Photographs by Basque Imagery

Nicola Kok

W I N ! W I N ! W I N ! 
I bet your mouth is watering! For your chance to taste all three flavours of Simply Granola, go check out our Instagram post regarding this give away. You could be crunching away this time next week, the winner get’s three 250g bags with all the flavours!

Creative Coconut Icecream

Creative Coconut Icecream

What to do with coconut cream and a pineapple that’s slowly going south? ICE-CREAM!
I absolutely despise throwing food away, whether it’s left overs or fruit & veg we simply haven’t come around to eating. I get trigger happy in the fresh produce isle’s and often come home with more raw groceries than my husband can handle. Nevertheless, I always look for a way to use them differently or incorporate them in a next dish. For example, i had beets lying in the fridge for a while that became soft and not so fresh, so i made beet relish. It’s so simple.
In this case, i had a pineapple staring at me every morning that i just wasn’t in the mood for. I knew that it’s shelf life was becoming shorter and shorter and i needed to find a way of incorporating this pineapple in our diet without it being me gobbling down a whole chunk for breakfast. That’s when i remembered a coconut ice-cream recipe someone sent me and viola, problem solved. Best of all is, it’s dairy free and free of refined sugars as well as preservatives.

You’ll need:
1 pineapple (you can substitute this with any fruit)
1 can (400ml) coconut cream
1/4 cup raw honey (relative to your taste buds)
1 tsp vanilla powder/extract (not essence)
1 tsp chia seeds
pinch of kosher salt

Fresh cut fruits for serving.


Chop up your pineapple or fruit of your choice.
Make sure all the hard pieces have been removed.

Measure out all your ingredients and add together in a blender/nutribullet.
Blend on high speed for about 30seconds or until all fruit pieces are shredded.
Let the mixture cool in the fridge for an hour.

If you have an ice-cream machine, great! Use it to churn the mixture until it forms ice-cream.
If you don’t have one, like me, place the mixture into a bowl or glass container and place in the freezer.
Mix every hour until it forms ice-cream.

If you want to experiment a little more you can use great alternatives for a variety of flavours. Some suggestions; figs, blueberries, strawberries, mango, chocolate (using raw cocoa powder), maca and turmeric. The options are endless really, as limitless as your own imagination. I hope you have fun playing around with this great recipe and putting those almost too far gone fruits to good use. I’ve made two batches myself and my husband is definitely thanking me for it.
Pop me a mail if you come up with something creative, i would love to see what you get up to.


Chocolate Rice Krispies For Breakfast

Chocolate Rice Krispies For Breakfast

Healthy chocolate rice krispies! Say what? It’s true, the same taste without the guilt or the headache afterwards. (i get that from sugar these days.)
The taste of these yummy little pops take me way back to my childhood. Except these guys are without the many preservatives and sugars we find in boxed cereals, they are 100% guilt free and you can dish them out to your kids (or your husband, like i do) with a big smile on your face. They are effortless to make and effortless to serve, perfect for those mornings where time isn’t on your side.

You’ll need:
90g puffed rice
100g flaked almonds
2 tbsp melted virgin organic coconut oil
2 tbsp raw honey/maple syrup
2 tbsp raw cocoa powder
1 tsp ground cinnamon (non irradiated)

Raw milk, fresh cut fruits or yoghurt for serving.


Preheat your oven to 180’C.
Line a large baking tray with baking paper.

In a small pan, melt the coconut oil and honey together.
Place the rice puffs, almonds, cocoa powder and cinnamon in a large bowl.
Add the melted coconut oil and honey and mix well.
Use your fingertips to make sure the puffs all equally coated.

Spread the mixture out onto the baking tray.
Place in the preheated oven for 15-20 min.
Make sure you stir the rice puffs around halfway through.
Remove from the oven and wait for them to cool down before storing.
Store in a glass container. (maison jar)

My husband and i enjoy our rice krispies with some goji berries, freshly cut banana, or berries and raw milk from our local food market.

For more fantastic alternatives to a healthier, yet yummy, breakfast, check out Jessica Sepel’s website or do yourself a favour and invest in one, or both of her books. I bought mine from Poetry, but you should be able to find them at any great book store.

                                                           The-Healthy-Life-Cover                Living-the-Healthy-Life-Cover-SI-1


Jessica Sepel (JShealth)

5 Tips That Changed My Life

5 Tips That Changed My Life

Okay, so it’s late afternoon, the sun is slowly but surely becoming smaller, and the weather is a cosy comfy temperature. Just right! You feel like something sweet so you walk on over to the kitchen…and for a split second you’re faced with a dilemma. Either satisfy your craving and give in to that moist chocolate cake, dripping with velvety icing? Or your conscience, and reach for the shiny green apple. Uggh, what to do?
Well I’ve found myself in this scenario way too many times to know that it doesn’t matter if you’re on this “organic” band wagon or not, we all have a little piece inside of us that wants to make the ‘better’ decision. But it is just too darn hard. The scenario usually results in our attempt to justify our decisions, to ourselves.
‘That was the last time Jessica, I promise. As soon as the cake is finished, I’ll start eating healthier. I mean, someone needs to finish the cake, otherwise we’re wasting, hello!? I’m actually a really good person, it was the right thing to do!’
Just like that, and our guilty conscience is resolved.

If you had to walk into my kitchen today, you would be faced with the exact same dilemma. Chocolate cake, or an apple. Confused? What is someone who endorses a healthier lifestyle doing with chocolate cake in their kitchen?
Well, I’m so glad you asked, because it brings us to the first point I want to share with you.

1.Eating healthy does not mean eating “bird food”. Or “rabbit food”!
It does however mean that we need to be more conscious of what we choose to fuel our bodies with. The chocolate cake I have in my kitchen contains no processed sugars, no preservatives and no colourants. And it tastes goooooood, without the guilty feeling that usually follows. Knowledge is key. Take the time to find out how to adapt your recipes so they’re healthier but still good. Google and Pinterest offer a wide array of alternative recipes for better living with the same treats we love. Alternatively, watch this space for my favourite recipes.

2.Say no, and know why!
Like I said before, take the time to read up on foods, especially the ones you’re eating regularly. Knowledge is KEY! I struggle when people tell me what to do, so please don’t read this in that light. I want you to understand the dangers lurking in our foods today, and then make you’re own decisions to cut them out for good. Trust me, once you scratch the surface of what really goes on in our convenient food industry, it won’t take any convincing. Check out my resources page for more info.

3.Understand the responsibility.
This ones for the ladies. As women we tend to set the atmosphere in the kitchen. If it’s pumped with processed sugars or preservatives, then that’s the trend we’re setting. Our families will generally follow this and think it okay to live on fast foods. We have a greater responsibility ladies. Choose to give your family the right building blocks for their bodies to grow and become better and stronger. Eating not only affects your weight, but it encompasses all of you, mind, brain, body, emotions, etc.

4.Stick it out, and let them laugh.
After making the decision to live better, I experienced a lot of mockery and opinions. Look past this and stick it out. You’re body is you’re responsibility, you can’t look to anyone else to blame when you have the final say of what goes in. Usually, it’s people’s guilt speaking when they mock you, or their lack of self-discipline to also live the way you’ve chosen. You keep going and be an inspiration and example to them rather than letting them get to you.

5.One step at a time.
Living better can be an overwhelming door to peak into, but don’t be afraid to open it and step inside. Just remember, everyone started somewhere. My start was by accident (or was it?) but I started , and it was only the sugar in my tea and coffee that I cut out. Today, I’m a bit further along the path but I made small changes to get here. Throwing out everything in your kitchen will cost you, time and money. Start filtering in better products or different ones once you’ve used up what you currently have. 

I can keep going for days on this post. My mind is overloaded with tips and tricks I would love to share with you, but for now, take these ones for a spin and I’ll keep you posted. 

Go green!