{ Bionomy } The branch of Science concerned with the laws of life.
“These laws are the qualitative basis for the development of all DR. BAUMANN COSMETIC products. This means that on the one hand the skin’s metabolism and structure is taken into account, and on the other hand aspects of our environment are considered.”
Say what? Who wouldn’t want a product that takes those two valuable aspects into consideration when creating beauty care?.
If you thought ‘natural’ skin care only looked like essential oils and shea butter whipped together in a pretty container, think again. This beauty care range is on a whole ‘notha level!

When two Doctors joined forces in 1988, realizing the lack of ‘nature’ in our skin care products they obviously came up with something revolutionary. When Dr. med. Ernest W. Henrich and Dr. rer nat. Thomas Baumann joined heads and created beauty care that would blow the world away, they’re focus was one thing, natural and effective skin. For me, the difference is that behind Dr.Baumann is a scientific research team who has worked with nature and science to create something that is needed for our skin care products today. It is not a mixture of a few natural ingredients, it is, however, extensive research into what our skin is made of and how we can find similarities in nature, harness them and use them to repair our damaged skin. 

My absolute favorite bit of information to share with friends are these which makes the world of difference when you’re trying to look for a product that’s more than just a product:
Long-lasting without the use of preservatives
Free from mineral oils
Free from animal ingredients and testing
Free from unnecessary packaging (environmentally friendly)
Free from perfume and fragrances
With skin-friendly vitamins
With pure natural plant oils
With skin-endemic active ingredients
With highly efficient multilamellar liposomes
With high-quality plant-based substances
Say what?! Insane! Now I know there are a few words there that we don’t necessarily use in our everyday vocabulary so let me help you out real quick. 

Skin-Endemic – A harmony between the ingredients and the physiology and anatomy of the skin. This is achieved when as many ingredients as possible are endemic to the skin and body, meaning the substances occur naturally in the skin.
Multilamellar Liposomes – Ingenious, skin identical, transporters, to transport moisture and active ingredients, be it essential vitamins or fatty acids, to the layer of the skin, where it is needed.  In fact, it is structured to travel right to the dermis, where new skin is formed.

The lady bringing this world changing technology to the Western Cape is none other than Aimee Sinclair, who is currently the only person using Dr.Baumann, BOOK HER!  She recently found this gem of a product and took a few weeks to explore the possibility of bringing it to this region from upstate. She now runs a salon in Rondebosch called Beloved Beauty where all her treatments are done using the Dr.Baumann products. She has gone through extensive training getting to know the different ranges, and after visiting her salon myself, I can definitely recommend her if you’re looking for a more serious natural product with an extensive range of beauty care and science to back it.
For more information on their range of products, click here. You will be blown away!

Aimee Sinclair
+27 71 488 5404



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Along with Aimee and her Beloved Beauty salon, we are giving away AMAZING products to the value of R650!
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