[e t h e r e a l] extremely delicate and light in a way that seems not to be of this world.


What a beautiful word, and although Matanna Katz and Liese Kuhn, founders of Ethereal Bound Journal , share similar qualities of ethereality, I can add with confidence, that they are also two energetic, lively individuals, very much of this world who had me up at 7am on a Monday morning for a catch up in the bustling heart of Cape Town.
Meeting with them and listening to their stories and adventures of how Ethereal Bound Journal came to be was an early Monday morning well spent. I think, in fact I know, I walked away inspired and refreshed, motivated to take on a new week. These two inspiring creatives can’t help but spread their ethos of community wherever they go, and definitely splashed a bit my way.

One of the things I love about their amazing business is that it started organically, unplanned and in season. Matanna, having studied Art Direction and Graphic Design, worked on the Espresso show on SABC as well as their sister show, Top Billing, passionate about creating. Liese, an aspiring actress who studied a Bachelor of Arts degree and got a Cum Laude in Live Performance at AFDA, fell in love with visual story telling, met up with Matanna for a possible unrelated project, and they immediately clicked. Their talents meshed together forming something…ethereal. Their compatibility was evident as soon as I heard them casually call each other by their nicknames during our conversation, I won’t say what they are, you’ll have to meet them and ask them yourselves.

Both of them standing behind the camera with Ethereal Bound Journal, they keep it as natural as possible and that is what caught my attention. Their desire to endorse a slower life in their industry is contagious, as I’ve mentioned you can’t help but be inspired after a juice with these two. They consciously plan shoot days so that they can use as much natural light as possible and take as much time needed to give their clients the most beautiful organic shots. With no studio or lighting, they use what nature has blessed us with and simply, make it work.
With a slow living mentality, these ladies are making sure that the bustle of the mother city is not getting them in a spin. Besides drawing inspiration from other creatives, their biggest contributor is nature itself. Depending on what they’re working on, they look at raw textures and the simplicity of the natural fauna and flora around them, something the majority of us look past on a daily basis.

These two city girls, although nestled in the heart of chaos, have chosen to take it slow, one organically inspired story at a time. We are so excited to see what they come up with next. If you’re looking for authentic content or unique story telling, these are the ladies you need to speak to.

Happy snapping, Jessica.

Matanna Katz | Liese Kuhn
Social Media Content Creators
matannakatz@gmail.com | liesekuhnsa@gmail.com

Ethereal Bound Journal is a collaborative venture of two creative souls;

Matanna Katz and Liese Kuhn, in the pursuit of visual storytelling in savouring life’s unadorned pleasures.

We specialise in creating ethereal, high quality digital content for a variety of businesses and brand’s social media platforms.

Our services provide art direction, photography, food/prop/floral styling, video content, cinematography, graphic design and creative consultancy.

We reside primarily in Cape Town, South Africa, but we are open to traveling locally and internationally on selected projects.

We are currently developing a stone tableware range and a variety of slow living inspired curated authentic South African nature and photographic workshops for 2017.

From the founders.