De Hoop Nature Reserve, 2018.

So…2018 is upon us. Hectic, who could’ve imagined it? This time last year, I was skiing in Livigno, Italy on my honeymoon, eating everything a carb could ever dream of becoming in the hands of sweaty men shouting at each other in Italian family-owned kitchens. Hmmm.
This year, I am back at my desk making promises to my future self about goals I WILL accomplish. (Because they will be super simple and easily achievable. Aha, smart!)

Here goes…

1. Decide on a blog layout…and then stick to it!

Probably one of the disadvantages of loving change is that you want it all the time. Being decisive this year will allow me to trust my gut, the first time and be content with what I decide. 

2. Champion breakfast!

If you’ve ever been over for dinner at our place, you’ll know I absolutely love being in the kitchen and making food. But somehow I skipped the breakfast class (I’ll blame it on my love for sleep…). I simply lack creativity when it comes to the most important meal of the day. Nevertheless, being married challenges you on a whole bunch of levels and lucky for me, my husband loves breakfast. So I’ll get some help and smash those avo toasties in the face. Mine, most probably. 

3. Read more. A lot more!

Over our December holiday, a friend of mine recommended a book she’d read and thought I would enjoy reading it too. Baring in mind this friend of mine is a doctor and probably has no trouble racing through a 910-page book in a week, but enthusiastically, I accepted and I am proud to say I’ve reached page 282. It only took me 3weeks. High five me!
Have a squizz through my journal for some great reading material. 

4. Stress less.

Oh, this one we’ve all heard a trillion times. “Stress isn’t good for you!” So goes the broken record, however, it is the truth. The solid, undoubted truth. So, working towards a well-balanced lifestyle where work is work and quality time with my husband and dog is not! This is the ultimate goal. 

5. Excercise like you love it!

My husband and I went kayaking over the December holidays in the Stormsriver, (highly recommended) and there was a mommy who joined our group. She had three young children and a husband tagging along, but she looked like she could run up and down Table Mountain without a pain. I decided then and there, “Right Jessica, If she has three kids and finds the time to exercise (and looks like a swimsuit model because of it) then you have absolutely no excuse.” The closest thing to child-responsibility and commitment I have is my 5month old Golden Retriever, who is happy to run and swim with me. Eeek. Lazybones! Kayla Itsines, here I come.

My husband ALWAYS says, “Everything you decide to do or not do is a choice!” and I say it will stay a choice until I decide to do it. Wise words, he’s so smart.

Rivka, Strand Beach, 2017.

Juan, my handsome bestie, De Hoop Nature Reserve, 2018.

Share your goals with us, we’d love to hear them.
Jessica. x