Below is an interview I did with Terence Mentor from the Weekend Early show on Cape Talk radio. Had the best time. He loved sustainable fashion so much that he almost tried on a swimsuit. #hectic 
What a beautiful and inspiring conversation with the ladies from Glow Gathering. Answering their questions gave me a fresh perspective as to why I choose to live the way that I do. And I must say, I am proud of my ever-growing decision to carry on doing so. 


by Marize

In a world where we are constantly unconsciously encouraged to turn up the pace, to do more, be more, earn more, work more, consume more — it is refreshing and a relief to find people that have decided to press pause and swim upstream against the hustle of society. 

Jess, or Jessica, is one of those rare souls who chooses to design her life with consciousness at the forefront and we were curious to know more of her story. She has also recently launched her online shop, Jess Green, which is an extension of her lifestyle and beliefs. 

Read below for our Conscious Conversation with Jessica Combrinck — the lady behind all things  Jess Green