“for the bon vivant at heart!”

{ n i c o l a  k o k } founder and creator of all things Simply Granola and the nicest little lady you’ll meet in the Helderberg basin. Sitting opposite her on a beautiful Thursday morning in Somerset West, I was able to hear her story and how this childhood staple became a storm that overtook her kitchen overnight. Not only handy in the kitchen, Nicola also juggles a full-time job at The Pretty Blog, and on top of that, a wifey to her husband Dries. The granola magic often happens after hours and on weekends but driven by excellence, this go-getter never compromises on the best quality possible. Growing up, Nicola tells of how her mother made delicious granola for breakfast and how she has adopted this habit and started making granola for her husband, adapting the recipe slightly for a healthier result. Now a one man show, she conquers many breakfast tables outside of her own. Enjoying her handy-work one morning, curiosity from her colleagues at work soon turned into orders which sparked an ember and ‘Simply Granola’ started making it’s mark. It was mid 2016 where Nicola had the opportunity to meet and work with local creative Marize Albertyn from ‘She Is Visual’ who kindly undertook the development and design of ‘Simply Granola’ as we know it today. Learning from the process she says, “It was like 600 lessons rolled into one very short space.” Completely preservative and additive free, Nicola has turned her breakfast option into one of the healthier and better choices for a balanced lifestyle. Instead of sugar, she uses raw honey and sources most of her ingredients locally. Woohoo, we love that! Nicola’s will and perseverance to carry on and make her after hours venture a success inspires me and i’m sure it has the same effect on you. I can’t wait to see what flavours she comes up with next.

1493846220281She now sells her beautifully packaged granola online as well as in stores such as ‘All Things Good Café’ in Stellenbosch. Upon ordering her ‘Classic’ batch she very kindly personally delivered to me not only my order but also a 250g ‘Oh My Cocoa’ packet too! Needless to say, I managed to get about one serving from that packet and the rest my husband can explain. Definitely our absolute fav, but if chocolate is not your thing in the morning (there is something not right if that’s the case!! kidding!), she also has an option called the ‘Peanut Butter Lover’ for those of us bon vivant at heart! Clean, streamlined, and easy to navigate, her website serves to be a doorway to breakfast happiness! Do yourself a favor and place an order for the freshest granola around town.

Happy eating, Jessica.

Photographs by Basque Imagery

Nicola Kok

W I N ! W I N ! W I N ! 
I bet your mouth is watering! For your chance to taste all three flavours of Simply Granola, go check out our Instagram post regarding this give away. You could be crunching away this time next week, the winner get’s three 250g bags with all the flavours!