Standing at the top of the Matroosberg Private Nature Reserve just outside of Ceres, South Africa, I realised once again just how diverse our beautiful country really is. A few hours before this I was staring at the ocean, then driving through vineyards and giant mountain ranges. Now here I stand, ankle deep in fresh snow. Where else can you find these experiences wrapped up a few km’s apart. (I’m pretty sure there are a few places, like Italy for example, but I’m just going to carry on being biased for just a second!) With our tyre pressure on 1.2 and seatbelt buckled, we hit the rocky mushy road. Seeing it from the Botton, I couldn’t believe we were about to embark on this insane single track path, eek. 

My hubby and I are definitely the adventure type. Our first date was a morning of zip-lining over the Hottentots Holland Nature Reserve in Elgin, South Africa. After that, we conquered a few mountains on foot and before I could open my eyes, we embarked on the adventure of marriage. (Insert in-love face!) For this excursion, we had two of our very good friends along with us when we embarked on the insanely tricky and extremely muddy 4x4 route up the Matroosberg mountain. Shaking around like rag dolls, we made our way to the top where there were already families enjoying the snowy slopes. The views were absolutely breathtaking and I would recommend it to any one, with a 4x4 of course!

There is no way you’ll get up there otherwise, unless you tackle this giant by foot. Yes, there were many who attempted to get to the top on foot, if I had the right equipment I wouldn’t mind it, but two pairs of socks, a hemp sole lining and proper snow boots couldn’t keep the cold off of my toes. I can’t imagine what they must have felt like. Some people whipped out their ski’s while others whipped out their surf boards. Proudly SA! Appreciation was a warming feeling coming down, along with the wobbly road underneath us, but knowing that this is my backyard gives me great pride in our beautiful country! We are blessed to be able to see Yahweh’s creation up close.
Happy adventuring, Jessica!